Welcome to the Green Leaf Inn - the first Net-Zero Energy Hotel in North America - 5072 Hwy 50 Delavan, WI 53115 close


Press Release

Purchases RECs (03/25/14)

New Media Sponsorship (10/09/12)

Wanted Contest (10/08/12)

Exhibit at Greenbuild Expo (10/08/12)

Bring Energy Cost Down with an CHP Power Plant (04/17/2012)

Energy Control Building Challenge (04/3/2012)

Even the smallest businesses are exploring alternative energy (03/26/2012)

Raising the Bar in Sustainable Building and Hospitality – Net Zero Luxury (03/23/2012)

SunTrac Panels Instillation at Inn (02/16/2012)

Trying To Catch The Wind, The Green Leaf Inn Wind Turbine Is On Site And Almost On Line (2/2/2010)

Green Leaf Inn Gets The Green Light From Walworth County (07/16/2009)

Branching Out: The Green Leaf Inn Makes Suites Available For Fractional Ownership (03/10/2009)

Does The Green Lifestyle Include Hot Tubs? The Green Leaf Inn Thinks So 0(2/10/2009)

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