Welcome to the Green Leaf Inn - the first Net-Zero Energy Hotel in North America - 5072 Hwy 50 Delavan, WI 53115 close

Is it a Sponsorship or a Partnership…

When we began, we started thinking in terms of sponsorships. In the process of developing our program, we realized that this is so much more than a sponsorship. It is a partnership, a working together to change the way people think and experience green. Together – we will expand the definition of your green product or services. By identifying yourself with the first net-zero energy hotel being built in North America, you’ll be able to share the media buzz and attention this project is gathering. You’ll touch that growing audience looking for innovative solutions for tomorrow’s sustainable, regenerative, and net-zero energy world.

Based on occupancy rates for the area, the GLI anticipates stays of approximately 4,000 upper income couples per year, with additional visitors expected through ongoing tours and events. Every service or product onsite represents an opportunity to provide soft sell information through strategically placed QR codes; why this product was chosen, green content and/or manufacturing process, as well as purchasing information through strategically placed QR codes.

To find out more about becoming a partner and working together, contact us.

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